Alan Smith

Thomas Butt

Software Engineer

Personal Profile

I am a software engineer that embraces the ever-changing world we work in. I strive to learn new technologies, learn when and how to apply them, and help others embrace new technologies. While I don't believe in change for the sake of change, we are in exciting technological times, with large shifts in how we can deliver products and services. I hope to apply these new technologies in a simple and productive manner.

Work Experience

RedHat - REST Java API Architect

January 2014 - Current

At RedHat I've been in charge of the customer facing API for the customer portal, Strata. In this time, I've acted as the Product Owner, an engineer, an architect, and helped direct a team of developers on this project. There has been interaction with many teams, as Strata is a hub where applications and users go for a centralized place to perform many of functions found in the customer portal.

PGi - Software Engineer

July 2010 - December 2013

My main responsibility has been to develop and maintain web services written in C#. While in this position I have been instrumental in helping provide solutions in that have impacted large projects. These have been as widespread as how we present our number sets to our users, or how we store and deliver content in our web meetings. I have also played a significant role in transitioning from Subversion to git, helping promote the continuous integration and automate release process, and been involved with the development of our AWS technologies for our web conferencing solutions. During this time I have also developed applications for iOS using XCode and Objective C.

Town of Breckenridge - Recreation/Ice Rink Supervisor

September 2006 - June 2010

While taking a break from the software development world, I explored careers in the recreation department at the Town of Breckenridge. I started as a front desk attendant, and moved into a supervisor of staff. My responsibilities included managing a small staff at the ice rink on a daily basis, maintaining the ice surface properly, ensuring facility was presentable, daily closing and opening of cash drawers, and general maintenance of the rink. I was able to gain some very good insights into people management, motivation, and communication with a staff that needed to work closely together to ensure we stayed on schedule and kept the customers excited about our products and services. While there was very limited technical knowledge gained, I feel I was able to use this time to gain understanding of organizations and management that applies to all fields, and renew my passion for software development.

Premiere Global Services - Senior Software Engineer

September 2002 - April 2005

My main responsibilities were to maintain the Delphi COM+ components of the reservation system (Tesla.) During this time C# came to the front as an emerging technology, and I played a signifiant role in researching and introducing this technology to the company. I was also responsible for internal websites, writing requirements, working with the user interface team, and maintaining database structures and procedures to interact with MSSQL.

Tropical Shipping - Software Architect/Engineer

October 2001 - September 2002

Led development of a major component of Tropical Shipping's business. Worked with users to define requirements, then with executive staff to define timelines, and designed and implemented new features. Refactored servers and GUI while keeping to a demanding timeline. Implemented message oriented middleware (MOM) and used this as a central part of our architecture. Assisted in implementing a version system using StarTeam as well as providing guidance in how to manage and track requirements and defects.

Xapware - Senior Software Engineer

April 2000 - September 2001

Worked as the lead developer for a medical software provider. Designed and implemented an application and the underlying object structure. Developed a component set for use in their applications, developed and implemented interfaces to provide the future compatibility, and developed the application to be used by the end customers. Provided technical assistance to for existing projects as well as doing demonstrations for end users at conferences given by this client.

Infinity Professional Services - Consultant

September 1997 - March 2000

Disney Cruise Lines

Developed integration software to send information to a main reservation server from the external Disney Cruise Lines system. Wrote stored procedures and jobs to accomplish transferring large amounts of data in small windows of time. Worked with the accounting department to add functionality to the billing system.

Horizon Behavioral Services

Lead a development team for implementing complex reports. We developed Delphi applications that took complex user input to create daily, weekly, and monthly reports that were critical to their business. Worked to help stabilize a data import process to keep the client information current (millions of customers imported and updated a month.)

Key Skills

  • AWS
  • C#/Obj C/C++
  • Agile
  • Java
  • Delphi
  • git/Subversion/others



Stetson University - Class of 1997

Double Major in Computer Science and Psychology